Kukulich PEAR channel

Registering the channel:
pear channel-discover pear.kukulich.cz
Listing available packages:
pear remote-list -c kukulich
Installing a package:
pear install kukulich/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install kukulich/package_name-1.0.0
pear install kukulich/package_name-beta
Receiving updates via a feed:

FSHL - Fast Syntax HighLighter.

FSHL is a free, open source, universal, fast syntax highlighter written in PHP. A very fast parser performs syntax highlighting for few languages and produces a HTML output.

Install commandpear install kukulich/FSHL
LicenseGPL v2+
MaintainersJaroslav HanslĂ­k (as lead)
Releases2.1.0 (stable), 2.0.1 (stable), 2.0.0 (stable), 2.0.0RC2 (beta), 2.0.0RC (beta)

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